Star Wars Birthday Cake

I have never been much of a cake decorator. I lack the patience and the finesse to do all of the really cool things that real bakers manage to do with frosting and fondant.

But, even though I’ll never be a guest on Cake Boss or a contestant on Cupcake Wars, I still like to try and make people feel special on their birthday. And this year, my friend was really into the new Star Wars movie, so I thought that would be a good theme.

So…if you’re here because you aren’t much of a cake decorator either but you have a Star Wars fan in your life, I have good news for you:

This was super easy to make, even for me (not a baker of any sorts), and I actually managed to throw it together in a few hours.

(Somewhat detailed instructions are below the pictures)


(kind of vague because I did this months ago…but I’ll do my best)


Two sizes of round cake pans
-Cake mix.
– Buttercream icing
-Black fondant.
-Frosting sheets (it’s like edible paper that you can cut out)
-Cake board
-Wood dowels, or premade cake supports
-Small amount of black frosting
-Toys 🙂

Step 1: Bake the Cakes

Again, I’m not a baker. So I use cake mix. You can make it from scratch, but you don’t want your cakes to be too soft.


You need two cakes of each size. And the top one is pink because I’m pretending it’s strawberry.

Don’t fill the cake pans like you would if you were just making a single round; you’re going to stack them, so you want them a bit thin.

Once they’re done baking, let them cool completely. I know this is hard if you lack patience (like me), but it’s important.


After they have cooled, stick them in the freezer for a while.
About an hour worked for me, but longer would be even better.

Step 2: Put the Layers Together

Once they are hard-ish from the freezer, you need to trim/stack them.

First, you need to cut off the top of one of the small rounds and one of the larger rounds – the goal is to make them flat so you can sit the other one on top.


Put a heavy layer of buttercream frosting on the part you just shaved down and place the other round of the same size on top.



I didn’t put cake boards between these…but you can if you’re really concerned about stability of the cakes.


Now you need to make sure the rounds “fit together”, so shave the edges so that the cakes are round and have a flat edge.

You should now have a larger cake and a smaller cake round.


Cut your cake board to be the same size as the smaller round, and place the small cake on the board.

Place your dowels/supports through the bottom layer – 2 or 3 to support the cake you’re going to place on top.


Step 3: Frost and Fondant

Frost both cakes with a generous amount of buttercream frosting, especially the smaller one for the top.

Now you need to roll out the black fondant – there should be instructions on the package. Basically, you roll it out like pizza dough. Then you fit it over the smaller cake. This blog does an excellent job explaining how to do fondant (better than I can explain…)

You’ll also use the leftover fondant to cut out the storm troopers face and place it on the bottom layer.


I also got “fancy” and did frosting stars to cover the bottom – this is probably unnecessary, but it looked pretty.

Step 4: Stack

This is pretty simple. You put the little cake on top of the big cake.

Step 5: Finish Decorating

I cut out the letters/stars from frosting paper – a little water makes them bond nicely to the fondant.

I also “stuck” the toys on top with black icing.


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