pirate treasure chest – toy box

A very special little girl turned 2 years old this past month, so for her second birthday I wanted to make sure she had an awesome toy chest in which to keep the many toys that I fully expect her parents to spoil her with in the next many years.

I love pirates, and I think that most little kids love pirates, so I decided to make this a “pirates chest.” However, I wanted it to be something that she could potentially keep and use even into adulthood (obviously for purposes other than toys), so I made it less comic-book-pirate and more real-life pirate.

Also, this was a very complicated process that I completed in about a day, so I didn’t take time to thoroughly document the method…So this is just a series of pictures showing the progress. I hope to make another one for another special child in my life, so if you want better instructions, look for that post later.


Beginning to place the boards across the top.



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