Tufted Headboard – Round 2

For the next headboard I made, I decided that I wanted to try something a little different.

It’s still a tufted, fabric headboard…But I cut this one into three sections and upholstered each section individually.

That was really the only difference in the process with this headboard and the process with the first headboard I made.

Well…and the design was a bit more complex! But I thought I would share this one as well just to show you how creative you can truly be with these DIY headboards! Seriously, once you get the hang of it, there isn’t any design that you can’t do…

So I hope this one is a little inspiration for you!


I cut out the three sections first, and then I laid them all down side by side and drew the curve of the design.



This is how the three sections looked together. Tip: After I cut out the first side section, I traced it onto the other side section and cut it out from there. That’s how I managed to make them perfectly symmetrical.




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