mplus commands

This is a list of the commands you can use in Mplus and a brief description of their purpose. For more detailed descriptions (e.g., available options for each command), follow the link to those posts.

There are a total of nine (9) Mplus commands:

  1. Title Command
  2. Data Command
  3. Variable Command
  4. Define Command
  5. Analysis Command
  6. Model Command
  7. Output Command
  8. Savedata Command
  9. Plot Command
  10. Montecarlo Command

The Title Command allows you to specify a title for your current analysis. This title will print on each page of the output file.

The Data Command tells Mplus where to locate the data to be used in the current analysis. This command also tells Mplus the format of the data and the names of variables.

Valid Data Files – Mplus can read tab-delimited text, space-delimited text, and comma-delimited text. The input file must be one of these formats.

The Variable Command names that columns of data that Mplus should use as variables.

You can also subset variables for analysis by using a sub-command “USEVARIABLES”

The Analysis Command tells Mplus what type of analysis will be performed.

The Model Command allows you to specify the parameters in your model, or how the model should be constructed

The Output Command specifies optional output. Standard output occurs regardless of whether this command is used

The SaveData Command tells Mplus what data to save from the analysis and where to save it.

The Plot Command tells Mplus what plots to produce for this analysis

The MonteCarlo Command allows you to perform monte carlo simulations to investigate the performance of statistical estimators under various conditions

The Define Command can be used to specify new variables for use in analysis.


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